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PassionArt @ Boon Lay Park

Passionart @ Boon Lay Park

I was given a space at PassionArt @ Boon Lay Park last saturday to showcase the workshops that I conduct in Ayer Rajah Community Club.  We also show little children how to fold a heart shaped origami card which I learnt when I was a teenager from a origami book.  It is a easy fun and easy card to make.

Here I would like to share with everyone how to make this origami card.

Heart Step 1 Heart Step 2 Heart Step 3 Heart Step 4 Heart Step 5 Heart Step 6 Heart Step 7 Heart Step 8 Heart Step 9 Heart Step 10 Heart Step 11 Heart Step 12 Heart Step 13 Heart Step 14 Heart Step 15 Heart Step 16 Heart Step 17 Heart Step 18 Heart Step 19

Hope you have a fun time making this heart origami!  Mother’s Day is round the corner you can make this for your mother too!


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